Your fresh flowers will be delivered on your selected delivery date during office hours – we do not guarantee times but strive to get all orders out as early as possible.
Please bear with us during busy peak periods such as Valentines, Christmas, Mothersday etc. as we have high order volumes and may have days where boats have been delayed or cancelled – if we have any major issues we will contact you directly 

All orders are made fresh on the day ready for collection or delivery and sometime we are literally unpacking the flowers from the fresh delivery out of the packing box and using straight into orders – you can’t get much fresher than that!

Any time after 10am but if you could let us know a rough time on the order page, we can ensure these are ready for you at that time

We deliver to all parishes across Jersey – apologies we do not deliver to any of the other Channel Islands or the UK

Only on Saturdays, we are closed Sundays.

10am online for same day delivery – we can accept orders for advance dates at any time


Yes there is the option to tell us your preferred style/colours/flowers and any allergies such as Lilies if recipient is allergic or has cats for example, we generally carry a large range of fresh stock but if there is a certain special flower colour or variety please order in advance as we have to order from Holland or contact the shop directly and we can arrange this for you 

We guarantee our flowers for a minimum of 4 days but their vase life is largely dependant on their aftercare (see below)

Always remove all packaging that your flowers were delivered in including the plastic water bag & re-cut all stems on an angle (if possible)

Prepare your vase with fresh cold water and ensure vase is clean with no residue from previous bouquets making sure that there is sufficient water in the vase to cover all stems and keep an eye on the water levels every couple of days

Keeping your flowers somewhere cool and away from artificial heat or direct sunlight will also help
We recommend a tiny dash of bleach and a small pinch of sugar to your water – the dash of bleach will help to reduce bacteria levels in the water which is what will make your water go cloudy and start to smell and this is essentially what is contained in the plastic sachets of commercial flower food

Ensure the water is clean and as clear as you can at all times, so this may mean repeating the above process every couple of days

When your flowers start to wilt why not take them out of the water at their final stage before the petals drop and dry some of them by tying them upside down somewhere warm such as an airing cupboard as a keepsake

Enjoy x


At the moment we are taking a small break to focus on our little ‘eden project’ of the shop and to work on this and build it up to its full potential so we are not taking on any new bookings at the moment

Of course – we accept orders via email and can take payment over the phone or provide you with our payment options 

If we are at fault in any way then we can issue a full refund with our apologies – if there was an error on the customers side we do not accept responsibility